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2011-07-06 20:10:50
Radio MIR about our meeting with E...
Ilya Markelov: Welcome!

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MIR in English

[ 07, 2011 13:05]

Dear friends! It is our pleasure to let you know that english version of our site is working now! So that all sections of our site like news, archive, comments are available for our foreign friends.We are really look forward to cooperating with teenagers from all over the world. And if you know "MIR" is translated from Russian into English like "World". So welcome to our "World"!

Hitonia: what is the difference between us and foreigners?

[ 30, 2011 23:17]

Recently, on June, 30th, we met foreign students from England at the conference devoted to the fiftieth anniversary of flight in space. It was surprising, as soon as visitors  entered into a hall, it became clear that they were from other country! How we have defined it? And what is the difference between us and foreign youth?

So, we, Christina Orlina and Natasha Kulikova , will find it out by means of a rating in our ether which will take place on July, 1st at 17-00 Moscow time

Radio MIR : about our meeting with English students

[ 30, 2011 22:49]

Russia is a really nice country!" - all of conference participants told us 30.06.11. It was a conference "50 years of spaceflight".
Our new friends from England told us a lot of interesting things about their impression of our country. Very soon we will make a radio program about our meeting with English students, who were very friendly. You will not only listen to interview, you will see some photos from our meeting! We hope that such an interesting event with English students will not be the last and we will see all of them again;)