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2011-07-06 20:10:50
Radio MIR about our meeting with E...
Ilya Markelov: Welcome!

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On February, 18th, 2010 we consider as birthday of our Internet radio in the city Korolev.
Almost 20 students from different schools of the city have gathered on the basis center of the city to shine all the most interesting and high points from life of our city on the air. When each of us has received the place in this project, we have started to work over the first ether which has been devoted a pancake week holiday. But, how we say in Russia, the first pancake is more a clod! This work has served formation of solid team, occurrence of the friendly feelings in it. Certainly, many boys and girls have decided to leave the radio after this failure, but the most purposeful and best students remained with the purpose to develop the radio.
In March 2010 we have begun to work at the new project. There was a Radio program “Creativity”. We have invited the most interesting and creative people of the city Korolev: musicians, singers, writers, artists. But the most expected visitor was the founder of one of the largest creative portals in Russia (CREATIVE. SU) Michael Demidov. This ether became a starting point for us in creating a good, high-quality product in Internet radio.

Futher – bigger!

On April, 10th, 2010 ether directly from the Korolev studio has taken place. As it is not difficult to guess, it's theme was Day of astronautics which is considered as the one of the most important holidays. We also had a special guest astronaut, the hero of Russia Oleg Dmitrievich Kononenko . At the ether have been included whether headings Do you know? and “Quiz”, which already become constants.
After successful first ether we have decided not to stop on reached and at once have started the preparations for the following ether holiday theme “Victory Day”. Within the limits of this transfer we have visited one of schools of our city and made interview, which has revealed intelligence of our pupils on a theme “Great Patriotic War”. So, the air, which name was War by youth eyes, on May, 11th, 2010 has taken place.

In June-July 2010 our children from our radio command had a rest in camp Premier in sunny Anapa where they could share the knowledge and experience with other children with pleasure, and we even made followers.!

And  on July, 18th, 2010 the official branch of our radio command from the project Radio the Planet was created.

Now we can go by our own way, we are the YOUTH INTERNET-RADIO «MIR»!

Our youth Internet radio continues cooperation with the radio “Planet” project. Moreover, we actively cooperate with the creative portal Creative. SU <where you can find records of ethers. we are ready to cooperation with you!

If you consider yourself as the creative person and you have what to tell, it means to you that you are on the one way with us !

Safely press the button I Want in an ether! also join us, become the journalist of youth Internet radio MIR! We are waiting for you!