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2011-07-06 20:10:50
Radio MIR about our meeting with E...
Ilya Markelov: Welcome!

Blogs of leaders of radio the WORLD – old blogs.

The Official blog
Small and maybe very even the big reports about life on radio MIR are accessible in an official blog. All about our victories and defeats, about our labor everyday life and cheerful holidays, about our thoughts and feelings all on pages of an official blog!
You can see many photo and video-materials about life, we hope your favourite radio station.

The Blog of the program the View
Here you will find summaries of ethers, announcements of ethers, discussions of interesting statements of interesting people and, of course, the thoughts periodically visiting the author of the program the View. You want to expand your views subscribe for updatings! The blog is conducted by Ilya Markelov.

Christina Orlinoj's Blog of “The Note of the Hedgehog”
Sometimes i want to share news, emotions,to tell people about that, about this, to listen to another's opinions and councils. And for these “desires” the blog is created. Christina hopes that notes will be positive. Be assured, and it will turn out!

Blog Poliny Klevtsovoj “Kaleidoscope”
On pages of this blog you can learn thoughts and sights of Poliny Klevtsovoj. It is necessary to notice that the name of a blog of Polina tries to underline inconstancy, dynamism of our world. Thoughts in this blog will change as in a kaleidoscope only have time to read!

Egor Dorokhov's Blog “Quest Time”
A life, a science and thoughts. These are the most popular tags at present in Egor's notes. Quest Time such inscription flaunts near to the blog name. Well, all is clear, Egor has decided to search. To search for sense, the purposes, interesting things. Want to search together with it? Then join him!

Natasha Kulikovoj's Blog “Happiness, who are you?”
Our happiness depends only on ourselves! confirms Natasha – Therefore I want to share with you small, but nice happiness secrets. It is necessary to remind that Natasha one of leading programs ESHInedelnik and Hitonija. If you listened to these radio programs, precisely you know that the happiness overflows them literally. Believe, with a blog there will be the same!

Blog Ljuby Rustamovoj “The Short guidebook through thorns to stars”
After all, if stars light means is to somebody it is necessary? So let's light together! calls Ljuba. In the questionnaire she has written: I Do the world a little bit more brightly . All who knows Ljubu personally, will by all means agree with it. It becomes possible, very fast its blog the brightest and light place in the world. So look more often!